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AIMA Requirements

Course #

A.I.M.A. Designation Course Requirement

April 2015


One Year related Work Experience


Mass Appraisal: The Three Approaches to Value


Residential Valuation, Data Collection & Sales Investigation


Law and the Assessor Part 1


Municipal Land Use Planning and The Assessor


Statistical & Computer Applications and Valuation


Ethical Guide for the Assessor


Courses completed prior to major updates may not be recognized.

                                        Seneca College Graduates:  Graduates from Seneca College Real Property Administration (RPA) Program 
                                                                                         in 2009 or later may qualify for the A.I.M.A. candidacy/designation. 
                                                                                         Graduates prior to 2009  may need additional requirements.

                                        Note: All A.I.M.A. applicants must submit course transcripts or proof of course completion, which are subject 
                                                  to a review by the Accreditation Committee.

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